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Research outline

  • Our main line of research is centered in the discovery and understanding of  genomic polymorphism within humans and in comparison to great ape species. The goal is to create an integrated view of genome evolution by studying changes in the composition, frequency, size and location at every major branchpoint of human divergence from other primates. The results our lines of research are aimed to assess the rate of genome variation , characterize regional deletions and copy-number expansions as well as determine the patterns of selection acting upon them and whether the diversity of these segments is consistent with other forms of genetic variation among humans and great apes.
download Tomas Marques-Bonet, Ph.D.

Institut Biologia Evolutiva (Universitat Pompeu Fabra/CSIC)

ICREA Research Professor

Dr. Aiguader 88, 08003, Barcelona, 08003+34 93 3160887 • Fax + 34 93 3160901 • tomas[dot]marques[at]upf[dot]edu


CNAG (Centro Nacional de Analisis Genomico) c/ Baldiri Reixac 4, 08028 Barcelona